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  • No More Programming!
    Explore our fluid Application Development Platform
    to create Applications without Programming.

  • Complex Workflow, Software Robotics, ML is now just a click Away.

  • Customize your dashboards right from scratch without programming.

  • From Web Applications Forms to Mobile Apps Configure any kind of interface

  • A Payroll Platform that can save Time, Cost, and Help you Excel

  • Highly Automated Modules to Help you Save wgaes and Costs.

  • Track multiple Activities at various office Locations Easily

  • Explore State of the Art Automated Payroll Engine.

  • Free up your sales team from reporting hassles.
    Explore our runtime reporting features using
    GPS and Machine learning.

  • Next gen CRM to help you excel in business.

  • Want to innovate your product or business ?
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  • Our consulting Services can help you build extremely Interactive & relevant
    Business Intelligence Solutions

  •  BXL Payroll Platform

    1000+ users already registered. Get rid of compliance, performance improvement issues. Track and trace your employees without disturbing privacy

About BXL Payroll.

Cloud based Platform for All sizes organisation for 50 + employees. IT includes Attendance management to finance management with respect to payroll. BXL Payroll platform helps take care of compliance in India. Features like investment tracking and form 16 , Full and final settlement eliminates extra work by Finance team to keep track of taxes and comply with internal policies as well as local government’s Work flow Services requirement.

Available as Cloud Based subscription with free upgrade and Mobile App for attendance Look for upcoming project management App for projects, Assignment. Timesheet based attendance and cost report with option of billing.


Shift definition to suit all needs, automated Shift calendar to handle various combinations. Mobile APP for contact less selfie-based attendance management. Leave approval process. Projects Management on mobile App, Automated Attendance management.

Most beneficial to enterprises,

  • which find it difficult to manage payroll in existing payroll system or in excel.
  • which want to keep track of all records and maintain payslips. etc.
  • that make pay slips available to employees anytime, anywhere.
  • find it difficult to manage form 16 along with individual employee investments.
  • keep track of employee loans and deduction of emi.
  • have few employees on contract
  • compliance is important to organisation.
  • wish to save cost on payroll management and yet be efficient.
  • Having Multiple location and find it difficult to keep track of attendance and management of leave etc.
  • have retail Chain business.
  • have field force and wants to track their locations.

  •   BXL CRM

    Tried all the CRMs?
    Looking for a CRM that can save time?
    Want to know more about BXL CRM with Call log synchronisation.? Check it out today!


Available as subscription with portal and Mobile app. BXL CRM Helps Sales force manage their daily activity quickly. Super automated tracking and updated without human intervention. Notify meetings done with just a photo from mobile App. Build your exclusive GIS for your customers without letting competition know about it.

Generate Lead. Validate lead – quote – follow-up – book order. Experience auto quotation maker. Use Mobile App while on field. Upload photos location attendance prepare quotation quickly.

Most Beneficial to

Organisations with more than 3 sales professionals, Organisation with more than 1 sales office. Organisation facing efficiency of sales team, organisation with product and services mixed as offering. Organisationwhich face problem of renewal of contract such as rate contracts, AMCs etc. Organisation facing issue with sales conversion


  • Helps track and race lead.
  • Helps team to save time of operating CRM.
  • Update status via mobile app.
  • A facility to read logs of every employee using mobile app and update on universal portal about the call time duration and remarks.
  • Universal calendar helps understand which employee is meeting which customer on a day.
  • Take a photo from mobile and use OCR to update meeting with customer visited.
  • Hold lead or park lead for given time and re-introduce it in workflow automatically.
  • Automatic notification as per setting for not getting in touch with client.
  • Manage prospect,suspect and fake inquiries properly.

  •  BXL Platform (A Next gen Application Development platform)

    A Zero Code Low Code Platform with built in BPM, RPA, DMS workflow Capabilities. Designed for Functional Experts and not just developer.

About BXL Platform

Now experience AI that you might love to configure. Build in software robotics to eliminate resources. Reduce development effort to almost negligible. Another innovative BXL series Product from team MCS. From Idea to application in minutes take a demo today.!

Why BXL Platform?

BXL Platform Provides power of application development to Subject matter Experts. Now experts do not have to wait for development team to come on board. Start creating application straight away. No need for SRS put your ideas in to configuration and start creating application. Enjoy the next Gen Application development platform BXL Platform.

Most Beneficial to

Enterprises such as banking and finance, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing companies, Retails chain brands can effectively leverage power of BXL platform. Processes such as Supply chain management, Quality Management, Hospital care and patient info / assistance system, Project Management, Retail and franchise management. Accounts receivables and recoveries, Prediction of risk, Risk mitigation frameworketc. can be effectively configured on BXL platform. Wide spectrum of application can be configured on this platform. Large organisation which spent good amount of money on developing enterprise wide application beyond ERP can now save cost and keep improving their business processes. BXL App. Dev. platform provides pre-built AI / ML features that can be activated with configurations. Software robotics can be configured by a click of a button. A correct platform to create many cloud applications which can be integrated together. Refer solutions gallery for use cases. Call us immediately to explore world of business process automation.


  • Create full-fledged cloud application for Internal Use, Nocoding required all you need to do is manage settings to enable features.
  • Experience AI to create different form layouts dynamically.
  • All the validations required for typical database applications are available at click of button.
  • As the name suggests BXL Platformhas host of features that can be configured as per requirement for various applications on one platform.
  • Designing workflows merely by setting.
  • Manage Document management system based on settings.
  • Manage communication such as email etc with the help of settings.
  • Create security settings per user per role.
  • Admin can create new user and assign what features of the platform the user can access.
  • Variety of field types are available to select from.
  • ML features also can be configured along with software robotics.
  • Custom Dashboard along with system generated built-in automated performance dashboard indicates what user needs to attend first.
  • BXL Platform is an App. Dev. Platform which is an open source platform (not Open source code) Designed on mix of technologies from Microsoft and google to give you latest advantage at your doorstep.
  • Use Chatbot to interact with unknown users and generate meaningful data.
  • Configure Chatbot Yourself using excel sheet.
  • A Platform that can manage your documents and search your text within documents.
  • DMs is accessible completely to the non-application users.
  • Security and integrity features create separate walled environment for each application.
  • Speech to text enables user manual , Multi language support to create help text to user.


Along with Products MCS provides host of services to empower customer to use our products and build great solutions based on our products and our platform

  • Managed Payroll Services

    Worry free way of Managing Payroll Process

    Managed payroll services are targeted at managing entire Payroll Management hassles on behalf of client so that enterprises can focus on core activity and leave mundane tasks to our efficient team.

Managed payroll services are offered to customer who are using BXL payroll subscription. Managed payroll services take care of entire compliance, Salary restructuring from point of view of performance. Performance management, handling queries of HR team w.r.t any employee. Attending to Government notices or coordinating with legal team of the enterprise. Managed services take off entire headache of everything related payroll. Leave policies, Payroll policies and make a enterprise complaint with local government. Some companies intend to use this for e governance purposes to ensure consistent business process outcome.

Most Beneficial to

Organisation that intend to save cost on payroll related resources or wishes to augment with our team and save cost. Organisation must first migrate to our Payroll subscription system.

  • Cloud Services (Infrastructure)

    Cloud services are offered to existing subscribers as well as for non-subscribers of MCS cloud product subscriptions

    MCS cloud product subscribers can avail dedicated server hosting for hosting MCS products in MCA cloud. Other

Why MCS cloud Services?

Virtual server and physical server hosting are available under this service. Services start from as low as 5000 INR per month for Linux server with various options for add on. Our range is very easy to select from. With option of windows and SQL with variety of service and hardware addon. T3 data centre with common firewall is a standard offering with all cloud hosting options. We have our own servers in various data centres and can allocate as per client requirement. Managed services, Managed Email Services, Managed SAP b1 maintenance, Managed ERP services are currently offered.

  • HR Management Services.

    Outsource HR department to experienced team of MCS and relax. Focus on your core business. From recruitment – onboarding to policy procedures – Performance Evaluation, KRA policy till exit formalities, Asset management. Services for Peace of mind.

    Great organisations are built by Human Resources and not by material and robots. To build Great work force or team it is important to control

Why outsource to MCS?

MCS is into consulting business since long and has in house development team along with Payroll Application which is available as subscription. The application itself handles many policies and challenges faced by HR team every time there is a payroll, compliance or exits or salary revision or performance issue. MCS team of consultant understand and can implement effective policies beside building motivated team. Conduct training in new topics and innovative method is forte of our panelled consultants. To motivate your team to produce more results outsourcing to HR operations to MCS team is correct way to go ahead.

  • BXL App Dev Platform services.

    Get your processes robotised from our Experienced team. Manage any application development and configuration in minutes from our resources and get rid of application maintenance issues.

    Reduce your liability and save on costly resources by outsourcing maintenance of your Application configured on BXL Platform to our expert team. You may need perpetual assistance or on call basis, we support configuration, modification to application configured on BXL Platform. No application is rigid and requires changes every now and then. To manage applicationchanges, it takes time as well asgood amount of resource. While BXL platform enables functional expert to configure and create cloud applications thereby eliminating cost towards Change management. In case SME /FDE (Subject Matter Expert / Functional Domain Expert) does not wish to configure changes to application themselves then our team is available.

Why Team MCS?

Team MCS is experienced in configuring multiple applications and are expert to handle various cases with regards to configuration on BXL platform. BXL Platform is very powerful platform beyond just a tool and our team can help you leverage full potential of BXL platform.


  • Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic process automation both in terms of equipment such IoT and or Pure software business process robotics. Our Experts can guide on various aspects of process Automation. Today dependency on humans is an issue for businesses.

Certain operation are better managed by equipment. Regardless of type of process our experts will provide entire cycle end to end consulting including IoT for shop floor processes and software robotic processes. Our experts are experienced in AI /ML and will provide good value as a steering committee member for your ambitious project.

Why Consult team MCS?

Consulting services of MCS has variety of consultants having broad spectrum of experience. Client will definitely save time and costs by involving our consultants. They have complete project cycle execution experience and are resourceful in giving you right kind of vendor. Our consultants have up to date knowledge upcoming technologies and will help you to make future proof project execution for making Process robotised.

  • Solution Architects.

    Solution architects with experience in many verticals are available as a part of consulting team. Architects with more than 30 years of experience in various verticals. Our architect team has experience of working with top 10 software companies in India and multinational company.

These professionals will also guide on standardisation of various aspects and solutions required. We undertake consultancy assignments for formulating solution in the area of IT/ IS as well as IoT. One solution architect will be allocated to your project and a coordinator for follow ups and assistance. All out consultants are professionally qualified, and we can share profile of these consultants to suit your requirements.

  • ERP Implementation

    ERP implementation is most important aspect digitisation or automation of a business. ERP formulates aback bone of rest of the automation process and hence right from choosing a correct ERP from techno – functional perspective is very important. Goal of ERP implementation consultancy will primarily decide which ERP solution to be implemented.

ERP such as SAP, Oracle, Dynamicsare very well-known ERP suites which our consultants are experiences in. Our team of consultants will help you execute entire project seamlessly. Our ERP implementation services can include everything required to run an ERP except License, Support, IT hardware / Infrastructure. It includes

  • Shortlisting most suitable ERP solution. Provide justification report.
  • Choosing and providing right vendors.
  • Evaluate vendor.
  • Justifying the cost and worthiness.
  • Interacting with business analysts and vendor team to create proper SRS.
  • Creating Project plan and take vendor approval.
  • Involve consultants as per requirement to implement modules.
  • Ensure that the project is on track and delivered by vendor on time.
  • Go Live to be monitored for 1 month and get issues resolved from vendor.
  • Provide solution document for issues not resolved by vendor or limited by vendor.

  • GIS

    GIS solution are primarily used by large enterprises and government. It is amazingly effectivesolution for Governance and provides singular entry approach to linked data with integrated Geo spatial Data.

Appointing surveyors. Getting plans, diagrams certified by an architect, Integrate the geo spatial data to ERP or related Information system and creating homogenous system for users to work on. We offer services to Design such solution and help client and vendor to formulate a correct solution. There are limited products in market with respect to this field and very few have open standard platform. To engage with proper product is particularly important activity in the scope of consulting services provided in GIS vertical. Designing reports, designing interfaces and architecture to encompass LAN, WAN as well as mobile users is primary deliverable from GIS consultants. GIS consultants have experience of doing survey and providing all services related to GIS solution including DGPS survey, EDI, Format conversion, Integration with software platform etc.

  • Tech Enablement of Business Idea.

    Start-ups often find It difficult to use technology to explore idea with which it starts business. Our consultants will act as freelance CTO and will take up responsibility of driving the technology, product road map and all the help required to enable start up to start operation from technology perspective.

MCS will provide specific CTO relevant to vertical and as per commercial requirement of Startup.A funded start up can have option of choosing CTO from our panel. All our CTO will be also supported by various industry veterans. Mobile Platform, Web Platforms, Website, Portals, Ecommerce, Mobile Based technology are few of the domains that our consultants are well experienced with. Entire road map for the project, deciding workforce, conducting workforce and projects management will be included as a part of these services.

  • Cyber Security Solution Implementation

    Cyber Security is an eminent threat in the IT industry. Every organisation is exposed to cyber risks and frauds. Organisation around the world including top 5 organisation of the IT sector are victims of such cyber-attacks and frauds.

Every organisation gets cyber audit done but solution to implement audit objections and exception is critical part of cyber security. Just audit is not sufficient. Audit techniques also have evolved as per the threat. Organisation must take measures beyond scope of cyber audit and increase virtual fencing. Extremely large organisations use GIS system integrated with Cyber security to track trace every attempt and vulnerability at almost real time. The threat is relevant to asset being protected more critical asset more is the threat. Apart from attacks hacking and fishing email accounts and man in the middle attack for email is common. Which may not be part of audit exception. Our consultants and advisors will help organisation to tighten security beyond cyber audit scope and provide constant monitoring program. We do not do cyber audits but make organisation more secure by various means to overcome all threats not visible through Audits and objections.

  • Cloud Migration

    Clients of varied sizes are looking at porting their enterprise application such as ERP or other application to cloud. It has become difficult to protect servers administer server, applications, and date. MCS team provides all sorts of assistance and execution consulting to migrate system to cloud.

It includes deciding best cloud partner, Data centre location, type of data centre, disaster recovery options. Data protection as well as local government norms. Cloud migration services include creating specification and sizing of computer power required as well as location of major and various locations of users will be considered in providing guidelines to migrate IT operations to cloud.

Capabilities and Solutions

  • Compliance and E-Governance

    Compliance with local government and regulatory bodies is increasingly becoming costly affair. Make your organisation 100% compliant, use BXL platform to run Workflow enabled with RPA to save time andbecome 100% compliant


  • At times compliance becomes a costly affair if neglected, or any delay in response can cost heavily.
  • Loss of credibility is eventual.
  • Our compliance management can save cost and improve compliance score.
  • To know more how to drive Compliance in your organisation talk to us.
  • Our team can implement ML techniques for such solution to reduce mundane tasks and ensure 100% efficiency.
  • Very often compliance becomes complex scenario due to industry that an enterprise belongs to VIZ OIL and Gas companies must be very particular and should always be 100% compliant.
  • Companies operating boilers, Chemical manufacturing companies to be incredibly careful about compliance.
  • Our solution can be configured for all locations and can be geo tagged as well.
  • To understand how your organisation can effectively monitor and reduce risks talk to our sales team today!

Key Benefits of Using BXL Platform

  • Customer post implementation will get reminder emails and or SMS depending upon requirement of user team.
  • Re-allocation of task will be done automatically with manual re-allocation option.
  • System will auto-escalate instance of a compliance if not done in time.
  • System will also host unified document management system towards the proof of tasks.
  • Example if tax returns are to be filed then upload acknowledgement must be attached to the instance of compliance.
  • System will create Instance of compliance Automatically.
  • System will ensure that all efforts are made through automation, alerts and automated escalations to maintain organisation status as 100% compliance.

Solution Approach

  • BXL Platform will be configured to deliver using built in software robotics and Machine learning features.
  • A customisation approach will be maintained to integrate IoT platform and / or Custom reports and / or integration with other systems.
  • In case API service is not available in existing systems our team will create API stack for existing system and will consume the same in BXL Platform.

  • Frauds and Risks.

    Track and trace frauds, Predict Risks w.r.t your business using BXL Platform. Create Risk Mitigation Framework

Use case

  • Organisation across all sectors especially Banking, finance and insurance sector carry a lot of risks of frauds.
  • These frauds could be internally driven or in hand in glow with external Agency or Simply by fraudsters.
  • Every year organisations worldwide are doing investments in technology to curb losses due to such risks.
  • Technology plays a vital role in mitigating such risks and related losses.

Problem Statement

  • An Insurance Company trying to curb losses where agents and company employees together are using various products to create false claims.
  • Taking advantages of loopholes these claims are initiated with different stories.
  • Amongst those involved, include doctors, agents and in some case insiders.
  • In such situation an organisation can buildRisk Mitigation Framework which can predict insurance claims and investigate an individual case.

Key benefits of Using BXL Platform.

  • Predict Claims for various products, Buisiness intelleigence for various losses.
  • Organisation can build entire framework to track and investigate each claim.
  • Build entire specific questionnaire for investigation.
  • Provide guidelines for investigations done by investigator from historical data.
  • Set entire chain with tag as per risk potential.
  • Delivers a complete automated feedback loop and create workflow to implement exception management in the application.
  • Over a period, system will keep improving automatically there by reducing risky claim cases.
  • Build Business intelligence for trend analysis of improvement in risk mitigation.
  • Create Bank of blacklisted agents and doctors which can be used in core application automatically.
  • Provide preliminary recommendation related to test and /approval processes to integrate with Risk Mitigation Framework System.

  • Retail Business - Conflicts Resolution.

    Most challenging part of retail business is resolving conflicts. Resolve It smoothly by designing workflow on BXL Platform and keep evolving. Resolve conflict on time and improve customer satisfaction,which can help to grow more business. with such customers.

Use case

  • Every organisation of large size lands up into various categories of conflicts with its customers, suppliers and / or employees.
  • Regardless of policy in force to deal with such conflicts.
  • Track and Trace of conflict resolution is extremely important.
  • Any mishandling of such conflict can cause unprecedented loss of credibility.
  • Regardless of conflict type it is vital to resolve conflict in resolution least possible time.
  • Enforcing restriction in process to curb losses is another challenge organisations are facing today.

Problem Statement

  • Every new employee struggle to deal with such conflicts.
  • Training new team to handle situations properly is a common Problem.
  • Since every conflict may induce changes to system,it becomes increasingly difficult to keep updating system.
  • Every change makes learning management more critical.

Key Benefits of Using BXL Platform

  • BXL Platform provides immense flexibility to adapt changes very easily.
  • Apart from system change management make learning management an adaptive program to handle new situations.
  • System can help new as well as existing employees in attaining best practices.
  • Certification.
  • An Application to resolve conflict with workflow to escalate matter and resolve it as quickly as possible, provide constant information to customer about resolution process.
  • BXL platform is Always on system which means there is no need to shut down system to make changes to application.
  • Fields can be added or removed while in use.
  • Learning management updates and escalation matrix can be updated while system is in use.

  • Loyalty Program or Rewards program CRM

    Loyalty Program is by large a best proven way to increase business with Existing Customers as well as to increase customer base.

Use case

  • Relationships are built and grown to great level with rewards program.
  • Employee or customer loyalty programs yield various benefits, incentives can be linked to rewards that can be encashed anytime and anywhere.
  • To know more about how to build rewarding loyalty programs on our product platform write to us.

Problem Statement

  • Whether organisation wants to run Customer Reward / Loyalty program or Supplier Appreciation / Recognition Program or Employee Rewards program organisation tends to outsource the part of program or entire program.
  • It is also important that no single customer or entity is unduly benefit.
  • Rewards programs are mostly Reward-Point driven.
  • Hence it is imperative to implement a good structured program as per needs of sales and marketing team.
  • Right from vendor management to logistics and integration is great challenge to run the program.
  • Sales marketing team may run multiple programs at any the same time or over a period.
  • It is important to create data science model to design upcoming program which may be area specific or customer category specific or employee category specific.

Key Benefits of Using BXL Platform

  • BXL platform can standardise entire process of loyalty program right from eligible gift selection by the customer or beneficiary entity to redeem Reward-Point.
  • Creating a portal or app with easy logins based on mobile number or organisation code which can provide, Claim gift check reports, Redemption reports, Status of shipment etc.
  • Automated order insertion to vendor’s system.
  • Managing vendor stock availability, order acceptance with mobile interface.
  • Integrate Logistics company’s API to show status of shipment and related benefits.
  • MIS reports to settle vendor bills per month and and pushing validated claims to core application.
  • Option of settling accounts in system or through ERP system of company.
  • Manage budget of the Loyalty program automatically.
  • Manage Supplier stock to be made available for claims portal automatically in real time or offline.
  • Data science dashboard for Sales and marketing team to analyse claims in demand.
  • To determine which customers are responding.
  • Create guidelines to communicate to customers to ensure success of program and customer participation.

  • Projects Management

    Various organisation work at various levels to achieve results through projectized operations. Create complex and important tasks as a project and track it to ensure timely Execution.

Use case

  • Opening an office or a Retail store or a , franchisee outlet could be very taxing process if the process is not configured in information system properly.
  • Some organisations take up activities or work packages as a projectized operation,which increases focus requirement on improving operational efficiency.

Problem Statement

  • Projectized operation needs to follow certain principles and must collate data to provide quick decision power to Project Managers.
  • These operations also need to integrate with other departments and information systems to execute the project.
  • Typically Project management system needs to integrate with Functional support team, finance, accounts, Supply management to execute projects on time.
  • Integration with other ERP system data, creates a demand for homogeneous platform to control operations effectively.
  • Any internal assignment or important task can be controlled, tracked, and traced for efficient and easy execution.
  • With focus on productivity every organisation is trying to leverage technology and increase efficiency.
  • Project leader depends on information to execute projects on time.

  • Finance and accounts

    Accounts receivable process, Tax reconciliation, Advance Tax Computation, and other Finance planning processes can now be handled with more efficiency.

Use Case

  • Various operations of finance and accounts such as Tax recovery from vendors.
  • OR Accounts receivable to be tracked as an individual incidence has become immensely important.
  • While most of the finance operation are now covered by core application or ERP systems there are many areas in finance which need process standardisation and automation.
  • Some processes need complex computation and trend analysis.
  • Many incidences in area of recovery and tax liability need focused track&trace approach.
  • This becomes difficult when there is no fixed process approach for managing incidences.

Key Benefits by using BXL Platform

BXL Platform can enable all financial processes related to every small and big business requirements. FDE can configure all processes and not restricted to

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Tax recovery and reconciliation
  • Advance Tax Computation with use of AI
  • Tax liability with Government.
  • Audits Management
  • Vendor Billing and Audit management along with Exception management.

BXL Platform enables integration with various systems to capture data and create an incidence that can be managed for a specific process. Process improvements can be configured in BXL platform applications easily. This helps organisation to improve small or big finance processes to gain more value for money.